Grand Avocado Ltd. designs and produces awesome
world class web- and mobile applications and services.

We are a couple of internet enthusiasts who live and breathe the digital age. We offer our personal unique blend of taste and experience for your digital project needs. We help you realize your web related business ideas and we do so with our utmost ability.

So what do we actually do?

We Learn

When you book us for your project, we want to know everything. We are even kind of nosy that way. The more we know about you, your clients, your partners and yes, also your project, the better we can serve your needs and help you succeed in your mission. We love information and we’d like to be a part of your project from as early on as possible so that we can do our part in making sure your project will become the awesome success that it deserves to be.

We Design

There are many kinds of design related tasks in a web project. First there is concept design, then there is graphic design, then there is technical architecture design and then there is even more graphic design. We do all of those. But if you have your own graphic designers that’s ok too, we can work with other people as well. We are very flexible that way.

We Implement

Implementation is of course the cornerstone of the process. We take pride in our designs, but we value other people’s design work just as much. We always bear in mind that even the best design is easily ruined by crappy implementation. In fact we see that happening way too often. That’s why we take good care that the code we produce is architecturally scalable and efficient, but also that every pixel is right where the designer has designed it to be.

We have a history of being a Flash development agency but we’ve so moved on from that. We constantly work very hard to stay technologically independent, we'd hate to be bound to just one or two technologies. How can we master multiple technologies then? Well, think of it this way; if you can write an awesome book, does it really matter which language you write it in?

We Follow Through

The usual scenario is that you want to benefit from your business idea. Be that benefit measured in money or some other value, how can you tell if your business thrives if the results are not measurable? You’re hopefully in it for the long haul, and so are we. We help you track and analyze the actions taken and the results they yield. Of course the more we know about you and your targeted clients, the more we know what to specifically track and analyze.